Planning a Road Trip

Planning a Road Trip - back in the day?

With the Easter long holiday break over and with several daytrips and road trips completed, many an older traveller may recollect how planning a road trip or even a day trip was done back in the day.

In the not-so-distant past (just a few years back, in fact), my initial destination, upon arriving anywhere new, was always the tourist office or an information centre.

There, I'd engage in conversation with a helpful volunteer staff member who would eagerly highlight, explain, and jot down various recommendations on a complimentary paper map. I'd then supplement these suggestions with additional locations I had gleaned from guidebooks and other sources.

These meticulously crafted maps served as invaluable guides for my travels. In days gone by, the tourist office/information centres, were the quintessential starting point for any journey, offering indispensable advice and local insights. While the tradition continues to some extent today, it's a nostalgic reminder of a simpler era of travel.

Dungog Visitor Information Centre by DRT

Having said that, these valuable entities have moved forward with the times. They are embracing today's technology in providing reliable and up to date information in real time with the use of digital maps and trip planners which are further enhanced by the volunteers stories and anecdotes about the area, should you pop in. 

Go Drivin does this through the provision of digital applications via its website and free mobile AppGo Drivin was created from a passion to make the pre-planning of a “road or driving trip” easy and simple to implement with little effort or knowledge. Saving you the frustration from the daunting, time-consuming task of putting it all together. Giving you less anxiety and more enthusiasm and excitement for the journey ahead.

When using the Go Drivin digital road trip planner, consider how you would like to travel:

The Leisurely Explorer: Enjoying the journey as much as the destination? Go Drivin prioritises scenic routes and suggest hidden gems, allowing for spontaneous detours and exploration. All created with input from the local community. Who better than a local to show you around. As we say "Go Drivin is your own Personal Tour Guide on your Smart phone, Tablet or Desktop".

The Organized Adventurer:  Craving a detailed plan with stops and activities? Go Drivin provides detailed curated trips which you can customise. This can help you build a more structured itinerary with points of interest along the way, that appeal to your interests.

The Budget Savvy: Focused on getting from point A to B efficiently?  Go Drivin is a great free option for trip/route planning. With all the key things to see and do, with turn by turn navigation, supporting imagery and commentary on the map, you will prepare efficiently and effectively so as to not waste your time and money.

Go Drivin Hunter Region website page 

When planning your trip consider the following:

Choose your adventure: NSW offers scenic drives for every taste. Consider how much time you have, your interests, and the type of scenery you crave.

Do your research: Check road conditions, weather forecasts, and opening hours of attractions before you set off.

Pack for the elements: Be prepared for changing weather conditions, especially in the mountains or outback.

Embrace the journey: Don't rush! Take detours, explore charming towns, and savour the beauty of the open road.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore the magic of our country on a scenic drive. With its diverse landscapes, charming towns, and hidden gems, New South Wales has a road trip waiting for everyone.